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Marmipino is considered one of the most distinctive signatures of human history.


Now, it is presented to fashion-forward women as a day-to-day accessory.

Natural stones carry positive energy.  With your marmipino handbag, 

you will be touching pure nature, with over 300 million years of history.


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A woman’s signature accessory - her handbag - combined with the rawest and precious signature that nature has to offer - genuine marble. 

Just like your fingerprints.
You won’t believe how light it is!
How much space you need?
Choose your style.
Feel the natural energy



Nature has created the most beautiful and great work of art we can touch with stones in this long time.


When we process small sections of this work of art, we reach the oldest known building blocks that we call marble.


Thanks to the technology that use, we are able to cut marble up to 1 millimeter thin without breaking.

We are happy to start this trend with real marble bags and present the marble fashion brand to your liking.


We wish your days to be shining like the polished marble surfaces.

Pınar Ertuna